This module defines all of the custom exceptions used across the Aspen library.

exception aspen.exceptions.ConfigurationError(msg)

This is an error in any part of our configuration.

exception aspen.exceptions.NegotiationFailure(accept, available_types)

The requested media type isn’t available (HTTP status code 406).

exception aspen.exceptions.TypecastError(extension)

Parsing a segment of the request path failed (HTTP status code 404).

exception aspen.exceptions.NotFound(message='')

The requested resource isn’t available (HTTP status code 404).

exception aspen.exceptions.AttemptedBreakout(sym_path, real_path)

Raised when a request is dispatched to a symlinked file which is outside www_root.

exception aspen.exceptions.PossibleBreakout(sym_path, real_path)

A warning emitted when a symlink that points outside www_root is detected.

exception aspen.exceptions.SlugCollision(slug, node1, node2)

Raised if two files claim the same URL path.

Example: foo.html and foo.html.spt both claim /foo.html.

exception aspen.exceptions.WildcardCollision(varname, fspath)

Raised if a filesystem path contains multiple wildcards with the same name.

Examples: www/%foo/%foo/index.spt, www/%foo/bar/%foo.spt.